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Levine Asks Time for Fine Payment
from the Los Angeles Times, March 19, 1942.

Charles A. Levine, 45, who became the first trans-Atlantic plane passenger by financing an air-trip to Europe without making an appreciable nick in his once expansive bankroll, found himself in trouble with the law again yesterday over a matter of $500.

Fined $500 and given a suspended 150-day jail sentence last month by Federal Judge J.F.T. O'Connor for conspiring to smuggle a German alien, Edgar Schinek, into this country, Levine appeared before the jurist to explain why he had not paid the fine.

Through his attorney, Morris Lavine, the ex-Brooklyn metal-dealer said his wife's illness had called him to New York and that he had been unable to raise the money.

Judge O'Connor will decide today on Levine's offer to pay the penalty at the rate of $50 per month.

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