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Learn more about the Jewish Philosopher and hear the Yiddish Radio Project documentary about his life and work.

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"On Jewish Humor," a discourse in English by the Jewish Philosopher.

C. Israel Lutsky, the red-faced, sputtering little man who advised and entertained Yiddish radio listeners for over three decades, is most often remembered in association with WEVD in New York, where he spent the bulk of his career. But seeing many of his listeners migrate southward, Lutsky eventually decided to the same. This week's Gem, which features a slightly older Lutsky, was first broadcast on small station in Miami, Florida, where Lutsky briefly took to the air in the 1960s. In this clip, we find the Philosopher departing from his usual letter reading formula, as he takes a moment to contemplate, in English, the value and meaning of Jewish humor.

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